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Family Sessions


There are many reasons that families begin counseling. There are blended families, disconnected families and families dealing with grief, divorce, or addiction. The counseling process may feel daunting or intimidating for some family members and there is commonly resistance from some about coming.  The descriptive terms of needing "fixed", being "broken", feeling embarrassed, and even "crazy" are words that are associated with counseling and come up when discussions about counseling arise.

At Hope Christian Counseling you will find an environment free of judgement, full of support, and an overall concern for each and every member's wellbeing. Attending counseling is a personal and private choice and every client’s privacy will be honored by providing complete confidentiality. Even if there are perspectives which prevent or impede some members from joining the counseling process there is still hope and progress can still happen. Goals in family counseling include taking the time to listen, understand and help each and every member of the family gain awareness and grow through a very personal and individual process which is uniquely tailored to provide support, guidance, and care.

Family at a Beach
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