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Couples Sessions


Every relationships requires work. 

Every couple faces challenges. Everyday stressors can strain intimate relationships, and major sources of stress may threaten the stability of the relationship. As long as each partner is willing to address the issue at hand and participate in developing a solution, most relationship problems are manageable.  When, however, challenges are left unaddressed, tension mounts, negative patterns develop, and the health and longevity of the relationship are in jeopardy. God intends relationships to be a source of joy and comfort which can be found through patience and grace even in the face of difficult circumstances.

Couples often seek couples or marriage counseling when relationship problems begin to interfere with daily functioning, are unsure about continuing the relationship or are facing a problem that surpasses their ability to cope with it alone. Some couples may want to develop better communication skills, enhance intimacy, or learn to navigate new terrain in their lives. Others may need the counselor to mediate a conflict or help them see one another's perspective.


Holding Hands
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